When it comes to a snack between classes or getting a meal close by, little is more convenient than eating on campus.

However, the time may come when on-campus dining gets old and even a favorite restaurant loses appeal. Perhaps restaurants on campus might also fail to meet the requirements of preserving a somewhat healthy diet.

Though before venturing miles from campus or upgrading to a dorm with an oven, be sure to talk to friends and scour every nook and cranny on campus — and in walking distance of campus — for potential hidden dining gems.

For USF students and faculty, one of those hidden gems is Tarek’s Cafe — an independently-owned cafe serving breakfast, lunch, desserts and daily specials. Seating around 20, Tarek’s Cafe is located beside a courtyard within the Continuing Education building (NEC) in the northwest corner of the USF Health campus.

Tarek's Cafe Location 2

For lunch, the cafe features unique dishes like a blackened tilapia sandwich or a portobello mushroom burger alongside more common ones like a BLT or chicken tenders with a homemade twist. Most of the cafe’s food is made-to-order in the kitchen, located behind the front counter by the cafe’s cooking staff — several chefs and the cafe owner himself, Tarek Elsayed.

For the early birds, a breakfast at the cafe could consist of pancakes and turkey bacon, a gyro wrap or a Tony’s Breakfast Sandwich which consist of two eggs with cheese on toasted Cuban bread, with a choice of ham, sausage or bacon.

Sweet treats at Tarek’s include baklava, brownies or the cafe’s own Oreo-Blaster Balls.

Tarek’s Cafe is typically open 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday to Friday, but these hours may change with the semesters. Be sure to call or visit for more info.

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